Thursday, 18 April 2013

Review: Maybelline WhiteStay UV

Bonjour Divas

Today I am going for a quick review as this product doesn't need much detail explanation I bought Maybelline WhiteStay UV fairness compact powder because I love Maybelline products its one of my favorite drugstore brand but unfortunately this product failed to impress.I got this in natural color to compliment my Mac Studio Fix foundation in Nc30 I paid 1700 PKR yes believe it or not I paid almost 17 USD for this and its not worth the price. It goes heavy on my skin, and makes me look darker however this product is supposed to make your skin bright. The major attraction for me to buy this product was SPF 18 hey because its summer time and we all need to fight against the UV rays. So if I analyse this product according to its description I would say

Glowing Finish instantly (Not Really but Cakey)
Vitamin C brightens skin tone instantly for visible fairness that lasts all day (Disagreed)
SPF 18 UV filters protect from skin darkening (Indeed the only good thing about this product)

Skin Stays Flawless and Fresh All Day Long (I have normal skin so people with oily skin knows better but with my case most product on my face stays put throughout)
Hides dark spots and imperfections for a flawless natural look (I don't think so it just makes your skin looks dull)
Oil free powder keeps skin feeling fresh throughout the day (Good for oily skin)

Ultra fine powder spreads easily and smoothly onto skin (yes it does spreads easily)
Lightweight and mild, this powder is suitable for everyday use (its not light weight)

This product may work on oily skin but for my normal skin it was just ok, I would definitely not purchase it again but I am a Maybelline fan forever I have recently bought Maybelline Fit compact powder and its lovely review coming up soon.

Glam Gurru

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