Saturday, 7 December 2013

Review: La Roche-Posey Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel and Effaclar Duo

Bonjour Divas,

I recently moved to Belgium therefore couldn't keep you posted with new reviews.

When I was packing for Belgium I didn't bring any product to combat acne because I thought moving out in a cleaner environment wouldn't clog my pores and cause breakout well this was the most naive mistake I have ever made. I came here with a cleaner looking skin I don't have acne problem except in those special days of the month. Unfortunately one month passed and my skin started to breakout my skin is super sensitive if I get one pimple during my periods the red mark doesn't fade it takes a lot of time and effort to lighten those marks but goddammit these breakouts are the worse I could ever imagined on my face. Back home I was using tea tree regime from The Body Shop and it worked best for my skin you may click on the link to read review  TBS Tea Tree Review

When I started to get acne on my right cheek I panicked and went straight to the pharmacy and the pharmacist suggested me to use two La Roche Posey products  1) Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel 23$  2) Effaclar Duo 37$ well I am a student and I paid hefty amount for both the products which I had never heard about in my life before but after making my purchase I came back home went online to read reviews and I found great stuff about this brand which is famous around Europe and USA all the good reviews made me really happy and satisfied that my problem is now solved.

I was told to wash my face twice day/night with the foaming gel and then apply Duo all around my face which I did but after few days my skin was peeling off so I only apply it to the problem areas. It has been a month since I am using this product and I am unsure about the results or I should say until now I am not at all happy with these products. The product description says "La Roche Posay Effaclar range is a complete system of products designed to keep the skin clean, purified and problem free. While many acne systems contain strong medicines that can be drying and irritating, La Roche Posay Effaclar formulates its products which gentle and soothing ingredients that are highly effective without stripping the natural moisture from the skin or exasperating existing skin conditions La Roche Posey is designed to treat blemishes, prevent the formation of future breakouts and keep the skin balanced and comfortable"

But after a month use I regret my purchase it made my skin worse it all started with two pimples which increased in numbers and made my skin worse after first week my skin looked really congested and it started to peel off and at the start of second week my skin developed more under the skin sore blemishes which turned red and ugly, the product is meant to clear blackheads as well but it turns black heads into zits and that's horrible. You can see the pictures below how this product made one of my cheek a play ground for blemishes and zits

In the third week my skin looked REALLY BAD like I have an allergy on my cheek I had zits and blemishes but the above picture is the latest I took it today its end of fourth week some of the redness is gone but the zits and sore under the skin blemishes are not leaving my cheek alone they appear make my skin worse and then disappear and appear again.

But I am still giving this product a chance just to know why there is so much hype about this brand maybe it first makes the skin worse and then gradually help skin heal but a month time is quite a lot for a product to show better results trust me its disturbing for a person like me who hate pimples, my skin would have been much better with TBS tea tree products I should have gone to TBS instead of going to the pharmacy. I am still unsure but I want to document my suffering just to see if this product really works and all those raving reviews are actually true.


Disclaimer: "This is not a sponsored review all opinions are genuine and based upon my own experience" 

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Review: Maybelline 24hrs Gel Liner in Blue and Black

 Bonjour Divas,

I want to tell you about these beautiful gel liners by maybelline I adore them so very much my favorite is 03 blue I wanted a metallic blue gel liner but I couldn't find one so ended up getting this deep blue gel liner and girl it is beautiful both of them glides on easily and stays on put for literally 24hrs well I never wore them till that long but yeah say for about 15 to 16 hours yes they did stay put no smudging no mess.

This gel liner is a girls dream come true comes with brush so you can try all kinds of look from cat eye to the regular simple liner this gel liner is solution for all. Highly pigmented !!!! if you don't believe me see the swatches below I wear blue more than black.

 They are not at all expensive you pay PKR 1100 i.e. $11 for this beauty or I must say a girls best friend.

Glam Gurru 

Disclaimer: "All opinions are honest and based on my true experience this is not a paid review"

Broken: Nyx Professional Palette

Bonjour Divas,

I have a mini depressing story to tell you my mom she broke my Nyx Professional Palette *Sigh* we were getting dressed for a wedding occasion and she was trying to find some makeup product on our dresser and bang she accidently dropped this from the dresser most of the colors from the palette turned into small atoms my favorite contour and highlighter completely destroyed and this is how the palette looks like now.

Well honestly I don't care about the eyeshades since I never liked them they were barely used most were untouched but I simply love all the shades of contours, bronzers and blushes they were and will remain my favorite. Lip colors are also very beautiful and pigmented but the eyeshadows are very ordinary so in short I am dealing with this palette the way it is now.

Glam Gurru

Review: Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Bonjour Divas,

I have a quick review for you beauties out there, I read fairly good comments about Maybelline Great Lash Mascara but you know what? I loath this product so much and I have major issues with this mascara first of all I don't like the application it says big lash but I don't get big lashes even if I apply it twice or thrice, the most dreadful and hateful part is when I apply it on my upper lashes it always smudge and spread above my lashes. See how it always turn out on me ALWAYS no lies here and please excuse my eyebrows as I am growing them out.

Sure you guys know why I hate this product so much. I would discourage this particular pink and green wand I have no clue about the other wands as there are many other types I Just saw them online but in Pakistan the Maybelline kiosk has this particular one which is waste of money so don't buy.

Looking for a dramatic mascara that instantly lengthens lashes click on the link Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara

Glam Gurru

Disclaimer: This review is not paid all opinions are honest and based on my true experience. 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Review: essence Stay Natural Concealer

Bonjour Divas,

Today I am going to review essence stay natural concealer, which is in shade 02-Soft Sand

Purchased this product as I was really impressed by the foundations I have previously purchased from essence but unfortunately this product didn't impress me it has pink undertone doesn't cover up dark circles and I have panda eyes so apparently it doesn't do anything to cover them but if somebody is looking for highlighter give this product a try. I think essence made this concealer for those lucky people who have minor  dark circles or I should say they just made this product so people looking for cheaper drugstore concealer would end up buying this yes the price $3.5 very affordable indeed.

Packaging is fine you have to twist it and the concealer comes out one can directly apply this on face with application bristles which works fine this product crease and doesn't have lasting power. I would say essence has wrongly named this product a concealer while it only works as a highlighter.

I would only recommend this to people who have clear skin this works well as a highlighter give it a try its not expensive hence no point of regretting.

I have extreme under eye dark circles so this product is a miss for me never buying this.

If you would like to read my review on essence foundations click on the link essence stay all day 16h and essence clear matt oil free

Glam Gurru

Disclaimer: "This review is not sponsored all opinions are my own and genuine"

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Review: essence Clear & Matt oil free foundation

Bonjour Divas,

As I was really impressed by essence all day long 16h foundation I thought why not try another lightweight oil free foundation from the same brand. I purchased Clear & Matt  makeup in shade honey 02 perfect for NC25-30 complexion.


This foundation is silky smooth and easy to apply consistency is not runny, gives light to medium coverage. I like the fact it absorbs really quickly leaving skin shine free and matt. I use my index finger to apply foundation instead of a brush or sponge applicator that way you can achieve flawless finish a brush and sponge can never give.

A generous dash of foundation is perfect to cover entire face this product is extremely affordable perfect for hot summery days when most faces produce more oil essence Clear & Matt can be an everyday foundation great for working women or college going girls since it's pretty compact and easy to carry the plus point is it doesn't make skin looking cakey or ashey. The drawback about this brand is the have limited shades to choose from which makes me think perhaps their target market is mostly Asian so unfortunately people with fairer complexion might not find their true match.

I hope this review was helpful and precise.


Disclaimer: "Opinions are my own this is not a paid review" 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil (Face Wash, Toner, Oil)

Bonjour Divas,

I am breaking out and it's freaking me out to cure my blemishes I had been using Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Astringent you can read my review here but this toner was being too harsh making my skin exfoliate so I thought to replace this toner with something new and more natural this time.

I had previously tried TBS Tea Tree Oil Foaming Face Wash which was doing good for my skin but I discontinued using it cause I had no acne issues. I don't know if you guys develop acne or blemishes in Summers especially when humidity is at its peak making skin produce more oil and then you are attacked by acne monsters.

My acne is not worse but I have tiny pimples which are scattered around my face. I have changed my face routine with TBS face wash, toner and oil.

My Daily TBS Routine: I wash my face twice with the face wash and then pat dry with a tissue later I apply toner and when toner seeps into in my skin I use oil on acne with the help of my pinkie finger. It's been 4 days since following this routine these products are not harsh on skin doesn't irritate and my acne is almost gone making my face feeling softer and refreshing.

Benefits of using Tea Tree Oil: helps with healing acne and blemishes it is natural antibacterial and antiseptic.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash: This face wash is perfect for acne prone skin and for those also who are not affected by acne on regular basis it clears out acne and blemishes doesn't over dry skin use it twice morning/night. This product works deep in pores cleans all the dirt and remove oil.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner: It is gentle for my skin but I have read some mixed reviews which says this toner has been harsh but remember every skin is different so it basically depends on skin to skin and acne to acne.This toner is mild for my skin and its also fading acne scars which is a plus point. Shake bottle before applying it on skin because some white residue (perhaps ingredients) sticks in the bottom.  

Tea Tree Oil: Can be used directly it doesn't dry out skin helps reduce acne, its transparent thick liquid which contains strong herb scent. I use it twice day and night because I am mostly home if you are staying home use it twice if you are off to somewhere during day time use it once in night.

This product doesn't do magic right after first application you can achieve good results in 3/4 days depending on your acne condition.

*May dry your skin if you have combo or dry skin. I have normal skin but these days my skin has been producing excess oil which I am controlling through these products.

I hope my review was precise and helpful.

Glam Gurru

Disclaimer: "All reviews are honest and my own this is not a paid review"