Saturday, 22 September 2012

Review: C&C "Deep Cleansing Astringent"

Bonjour Divas,
Most of us suffer from break outs and acne for some people acne can be traumatic. My personal experience say fight acne instead of losing confidence or boycotting social life. So to conquer acne or break outs I have found a cure which works for me and might work on your skin as well.

I get breakouts during my P-days which always leave a mark on my face or stay for the whole week this really irritates me. I have normal skin but I live nearby sea and sometimes the sea makes my skin produce excess oil.

I was searching for a product which could control the oil because when oil is controlled sebum is not produced in the skin. I found Clean and Clear Acne Clearing Astringent it has Salicylic acid which fights acne and prevent future break out by removing excess oil and dirt from face so I thought to give it a try. At first I used it twice a day after washing my face in the morning and before going to bed. C&C astringent made them dry and fade away but at the same time it started to exfoliate my skin so I discontinued using it twice a day to once a day but if you have oily skin you can use it thrice a day the best thing is you can customize application according to your skin type like I have normal skin once a day application is perfect for me.

Applying is easy get a cotton ball pore some of the astringent on it and dab lightly on to your skin. After applying you may feel its making your skin tight but in real its making your skin feel fresh and clean it leaves a tingly effect.

It is one of the best product's to help getting rid of acne. This product has helped me and my sister clear up our acne and break out. I recommend this product to all it works for all genders it will surely improve skin. I bought this from Chase store for Rs.425 !!
See I am almost running out of this product.

Disclaimer: "Not a paid review, all opinions are my own and honest"

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  1. This product looks promising! Nice review :)

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