Tuesday, 11 September 2012

EDT Review: Flora by Gucci

Bonjour Divas,

Its Fall time but in Pakistan not every part of the country will enjoy Fall in real. Since I am from Karachi almost all the seasons are quite similar to each other so the best way to enjoy is by following the season trends. This way you feel connected with the nature!

Today I am reviewing Flora by Gucci and I have associated this to Fall Season which was launched in the year 2009 and till date its my favorite. I always get compliments on this one which is really flattering.

I am very particular when it comes to choosing an EDT or EDP. I don't like to smell masculine extreme strong fragrances give me headaches very easily. I am very feminine and I want my EDF or EDT scent to be lady like.

When you wear Flora by Gucci the top note may scent strong but the base note is Bright Floral and Citrus based.

I love its fragrance which is not so over powering you can wear it any time of the day to work or party its fragrance will make you feel very confident and sexy. It lasts all day long!!

I also love the packaging which is very chic and travel friendly.

A Quick Perfume Tip:
Always remember what smells good on one person may not smell good on you so always try EDT or EDF on your skin not on the paper. Since EDT or EDF is an investment you don't want to end up on buying something which you will never wear again.

This EDT is flowery, soft, ultra flirty, feminine and long lasting would defiantly recommend it regardless of any age bracket you fall in.

Thumbs UP:
*If you adore flowery or Citrus-y fragrances.
*If you like scents that have lasting power.
*If you are very feminine.

Thumbs Down:
*If you like strong fragrances.
*If you don't like Flowery or Citrus-y fragrances.

*EDT [Eu de Toilette]
*EDF [Eu de Parfum]

Glam Gurru

Disclaimer: "This is not a paid review, all opinions are my own".


  1. wats the price?. nice review.

    1. Thank you Saima, I think it costs around 7 to 8 thousand maybe.


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